Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cookin' & Cupcakes

My long-distance family won’t believe this but I actually cooked today. Was I in touch with my cooking muse? Not a chance – she left me LONG ago. (Not even sure I ever had a cooking muse.)

I was inspired by the ToC. (For non-family members that acronym stands for an apparent familial genetic inheritance ‘discovered’ by my daughter. ‘Transfer of Crap’ is the barely tolerated, yet endured, tradition of Transferring ‘stuff’ (crap) within family members – and to their horror and amazement - some select outsiders. We (lovingly of course) are saying to each other, “Here I don’t want this crap in my house anymore – YOU take it”.

Tradition mandates that the receiver of crap graciously accepts the crap and then has permission to do whatever they see fit! The GIVER of the crap can live in a fantasy world, content with the fact that the crap is no longer taking up space and that the crap has gone to a happy home! The RECEIVER of the crap may actually put the ‘treasures’ to use or they are free to continue the cycle of ToC, or stop at the nearest dumpster and make a deposit.

The GIVER should NEVER interrogate the RECEIVER about the status of the ‘treasures’ (AKA crap), however, the RECEIVER is allowed to tell the GIVER of any items that have been put to use. One some occasions the RECEIVER MAY be deceptive and tell the GIVER – “oh THAT! LOVE it – use it every day!!!” (We put the lies in families?!?)

Now…where was I??? AHHHHHH yes….the reason for my surprising venture into the kitchen!

Last ToC from Sista G included Penzey’s recipe magazines (she ‘transferred these to me knowing FULL well – I DON’T cook. If you are wondering why I would accept RECIPES since I don't cook, please refer to clarification above. I thumbed through the mags and found a soup recipe that was compelling enough for me to attempt. (I know – soup???? In SUMMER????) Hey – when I’m moved to cook – I cook what moves me! The 10 minute prep time in addition to the ingredients is what caught my attention!

The recipe is for Tomato Basil Soup. It is simmering right now and smells delicious! I may be ‘transferring’ a sample back to Sissy G this weekend!

Wow all that and my real purpose of this post was to upload my most recent card! Sorry….I digressed….

This is the first in a planned series of cupcake cards.
Here is the cupcake ‘recipe’:
~The base card is an off-center fold pre-printed hot pink with matching envelope
~Layer of yellow cardstock
~Layer of candles design paper from Michael’s
~The strip behind the cupcake is decorative tape from Oriental
~Image is from Hero Arts
~I colored the cupcake ‘paper’ with watercolor pencils
~The top of the cupcake – I used Conte’ pastel and then used my finger to ‘smear’ the color
~The white highlights on the pink frosting is enhanced with appliqué pen and Stickles assorted colors
~The candle was cut separately and added with a dimensional. I colored it in with Conte’ pastels and yellow stickles for the flame
~The sentiment I stamped with black – then used Conte’ pastel – pink, yellow, lime, orange, and purple – then ‘smeared’ them together – also cut it with scallop edger scissors and attached it with a dimensional
I will report on the soup tomorrow!
P.S. I have received some totally awesome treasures as a result of the ToC!

You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.

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