Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mojo End Results

A brief trip to Omaha – but lots to report on!
On the trip down I had a passenger with me. One of the college students needed a ride home to Omaha so she rode with me. She slept in the car…they all nap. All the college students I know nap. Me? I don’t know how to nap. I’ve probably taken 8 naps in my entire lifetime. These kids? They nap! They nap between classes, after classes, (during classes), and during trips to Omaha.

Arrived at Sista Gail’s just after they had bulldozed the house next to hers. That was very odd looking. She took a video of it with her digital camera – how high tech of her! Once she had the video - she didn't know what to do with it - together we figured out the downloading maneuvers…TEAMWORK!

I had a nice surprise when I got to her house. She had gift-als for me. How bad is that? Here is was her birthday and she had goodies for me. She had made a trip to JoAnns Craft and Archivers and picked up way-cool stuff for card making. She bought me card stock, design papers, ribbon, chipboard, all kinds of GOODIES. Whooot Hoooot!

There is of course the usual and sometimes unusual transfer of crap (ToC). I usually wait till I get back into my bubble to paw through all the ToC inventory. Treasures await!
She also bought me toilet paper – 30 roles – Scott brand. My favorite kind. What a treat. Her birthday – but I got treats, treats, and more treats. Yes, I feel very guilty.
She sent an 'ugly’ quilt with me to do with as I please. Let’s see…I can use it (but it’s ‘ugly’), I could take it up to the 4th floor lounge in the dorm, I could donate it to a youth Christian group. Too much pressure!

Thursday morning we jammied around drinking coffee. I came up with a few items I can take on our Shellman trip so I too can be creative. I am going to stamp images on PaperTrey cardstock using Memento Ink and take my Copics. I can sit and color while the quilting drones are busy at the sewing machines.

Gail and I had back-to-back hair appointments at Pemberly’s. A trip to Karen Ann's is a total treat! It is fun having a solo appointment but double the fun when going with a pal! Friend Mary Lee showed up for her appointment as we were finishing. I passed off the thankful series cards to their new owner. I hope she likes them.

Now for card details...
I made a card using one of the stamped images shown below. Thought I would show you the process from stamping to coloring, adding glaze, cutting away the cardstock to the final product - a card!
I used a sketch challenge from Mojo Monday for my motivation.
~Base card is black PaperTrey
~Working from the bottom up: All design papers are from BasicGray Halloween pack.
~Polka Dot base
~Top and bottom striped rectangles are situated horizontally with a space between
~Rust colored slightly sparkly ribbon wrapped top-to-bottom through center
~I covered a manila colored tag with orange and threaded several ribbons through the tag hole.
~Over the tag I added a square of coordinated paper attached to a layer of Stampin Up Eggplant cardstock.
~The ghoul (Stampin' Up Booglie Eyes) was colored in using Copic and covered over with Ranger’s Crackle Accents. The ghoulish vampire was adhered to a purple square of deckle punch then a larger deckle square of orange.

You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.All good wishes,

P.S. Just received an email from Sista Gail wondering why I HAD to mention the TP! I mentioned it because it is one of those elusive Sam's items that sometimes they carry, sometimes, they don't, and my Sam's doesn't carry EVER!
Sorry, I can't help blog is just 'stuff that falls out of my head'. Next time I'll filter it...maybe.

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  1. The cards are wonderful! Thank you, Thank you. Trips to Omaha for TP. . . . Trips to Brisbane from Honiara for same. Hmmmmmm--the world really is small.

    You and Gail left Karen Anne's with lots of hair--I left with much less.


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