Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Green...

I know…you are ALL waiting to hear about the soup. Hmmmm let’s see…do I make a complete confession or just say – it was ‘okay’? Well as ‘they’ say confession is good for the soul so here goes. However, as I contemplate, laying out the truth I am forced to remember that where I come from confession USED to be between one man (gnarled old priest) and one scared school aged kid. Hey! Have you ever noticed how similar the past tense of scar and scare are???? Coincidence? I think NOT. And rather than this confession be between me, Father What’s His Sandal, and the GUY upstairs…this confession is out there for the www to see. Oh well – everyone who really knows me knows I can’t cook and rarely follow directions!

Well, Mr. Man (AKA husband) transcribed the ingredient list from the magazine to his handy-dandy notebook (Blues Clues anyone?) An uneventful trip to the grocery store; items in the bag placed on the counter and I’m ready!

I follow the directions intently…this is serious business! I’m chopping, I’m browning, I’m sautéing, I’m COOKING!!!! I’m also VERY happy that about the instructions stating that the frozen spinach can be added while still frozen.

Finally – mission accomplished and soup is simmering.

As it was gently simmering I would return to the bubble and work on a card. I wasn’t paying much attention to what I was stirring – I was too swept up in the whole, “look at me! I’m cooking!!!!”

So… when I finally LOOKED at my brew… I had to take a double look, then a triple look, then a trip to the trash can. Yes!!!!! There in the trash is a frozen vegetable wrapper…it is green, it is chopped…it is BROCCOLI not the spinach the recipe called for….

Bottom line? I can’t even tell you how the soup is SUPPOSED to taste.

There you have it – my confession and the reason why I DON’T COOK!

Oh yes….Mr. Man? I had him check his ‘handy dandy list’. He said, “really? Well…it was green, it was chopped…it was close…”

Okay time for a card RECIPE. This was a sketch challenge from SplitcoastStampers. (SC238)
~Cherry is Hero Arts Cupcake clear stamp
~Red buttons
~Cherry ribbon from Michael’s dollar bin (Unlike my cooking debacle - these really are cherries NOT broccoli.)

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