Monday, May 31, 2010

If You Give a Memere a Muffin

A trip to my 92 year old mother’s house is like living out the children’s book If You Give A Moose A Muffin. My story goes something like this.

I’m not sure who to blame for the tomato plant saga – Billy Mays' replacement or my brother-in-law Guy. Somehow this wee woman found out about the upside down tomato plant bag thingies. She purchased not one but TWO of these oddities. (What is wrong with upright-plant-it-in-the-garden tomato growing?) So…we make a trip to the local quasi-farm implement store for tomato plants, but wait she also needs ‘fresh’ dirt (and is sure that 2 cubic feet of dirt won’t be enough to fill these two tomato bags), oh…and she needs a ‘few’ bedding plants and as long as we are here let’s get 40 pounds more of bird seed.

Two hanging flower baskets, one large pedestal flower urn, six tomato plants (in the ground where God intended them), two upside down hanging tomato thingies, and flowers in the hosta bed later I’m finished with my work release for the afternoon. But wait – she sure would like some hostas moved from over there to over here. And oh no the bird feeders are empty. (They aren’t birds - they are miniature flying pigs!) Four feeders later – the livestock are fed (for a day or two).

Tonight I stopped over at her house because she was having trouble signing into her Facebook account. (Yes, my 92 year old mother is a Facebook junkie.) I remedied her social networking issue and she showed me some peonies that she got from relatives yesterday. I murmured something about the pink and white flowers and she mentions she wishes she had some from her garden. I tell her I will go fetch flowers and am on my way out the back door garden scissors in hand when she calls me back into the house. “Wait, you need scissors to cut the flowers.” I inform her I have the scissors and step back outside. She calls after me not to cut the stems to short. Really? Do I look like I’m four? Did she think I was going to pop their rosie puffs off their stems and walk in with a handful of flower tops?

I cut the flowers (not too short), take them into the house. “Those are too long” is the response waiting for me. Hmmmmm. Wonder what we should do about that? I cut them to the appropriate length and prepared to co-mingle them with the white and pink peonies. But WAIT. The new batch needs to go into a DIFFERENT vase. Okay…not a problem… where is the vase? “Well, you’ll need to move the sofa.” Okay – I move the sofa. Open the cupboard and hand her a vase. “No, not that one.” I should probably mention here that it is about 80 degrees in the house and I have been known not to be the most pleasant person on planet earth when I get HOT! Just ask my sisters Gail or Judy - they would be more than happy to vouch for this.

I went to the sink to rinse off the scissors and notice her dishwasher “clean” light is on. I empty the dishwasher for which she is grateful. I ask her where two bowls reside as I am not familiar with them. She tells me but seeing the bowls reminds her that one just like the clean bowls is in the refrigerator which sets into motion a query regarding whether or not the top shelf of the refrigerator could be moved up a notch. Sure…any chance to get to clean a refrigerator!

A glass of water with green onions sticking out of it, six (yes – SIX) half-gallons of milk, (she lives alone and weighs about 90 pounds), one quart of buttermilk dated March (I say, “Mother, will this buttermilk be any good? It is dated March 2010.” Reply, “buttermilk is ALWAYS good.” The buttermilk is returned to the 'fridge), a pint of half and half, and a bowl (the 'muffin' of this story) of baby carrots later, the shelf is moved up a notch.

So are you getting the Moose with a Muffin feel of this story? As daughter Amy tells me, “ya’ just gotta laugh.”

Oh! By the way...those tomato bag thingies? Well come to find out she can't reach the top of the bag to water them. She thought she needed a watering wand. I went to the neighborhood hardware store because that is where she told me to purchase the wand and according to my mother, "They put out a catalog every fall and if they don't have what you need, then you don't need it." Well...even with the watering wand she can't water these stupid bags o' tomaters so she called my husband last week and asked him to stop by once a day to water the 'mater bags. Wait til I have my next conversation with brother-in-law Guy! He's to blame for this entire vegetable gravity defying debacle I'm just SURE of it!

Now…on to the cards.

Fadded Glory~Base card PaperTrey Ink Kraft cardstock
~Layer of navy blue cardstock - edges roughed up
~Layer of Miss Elizabeth from the Dollar Tree
~Layer of cranberry cardstock, then a layer of corrugated cardboard with the backing torn off - then dredged over a blue ink pad
~Three star buttons with metallic wire curly-q twist
~Ribbon (was white background) dredged over a couple colors of ink pads
~Buckle from Stampin' Up Hodge Podge collection
Stampin' B: patriotic (60)

Thoughts of You~Base card PaperTrey Ink Vintage Cream~Layer of Basic Grey Archaic~Layer of chocolate brown cardstock with another, dotted, layer of Basic Grey Archaic~Layer of chocolate brown cardstock with another selection from the Basic Grey Archaic line - with three metal brads - top and bottom (four brown, two black)
~Square of PTI Ocean Tides (three sides curved), edges smudged with Versamark
~Image stamped on PTI Vintage Cream cardstock, smudged with Ranger's Distress Ink, colored with Copics, topped with Ranger's Crackle Accents, three edges curved using curve punch
~Sentiment from Michael's dollar bin
~Cream colored braid (gift from Sista Gail)
Challenge: Taylored Expressions (TESC115)
That's all for now. I'm working on an ice cream image and a black and white card - hope to get them finished soon.
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bye Bye Wedding Monkeys

I just had to make a NON-wedding card before turning in for the evening. I got some of the weeds pulled - more weeding tomorrow. When I'm in the Bubble working on cards I usually play a DVD of some sort or play something on my laptop using Netflix. I have to have the 'noise'. Sometimes I'm paying attention, sometimes not so much. It's all about the background noise. Today I had on NYPD Blue Season One. WOW...I had forgotten who the players were and how 'gritty' this series was. The theme music is cool - I forgot about that too. What a blast!

Button Baby~Base card PTI Berry Sorbet~BasicGrey Cannon used vertically and horizontally
~BasicGrey Sophie horizontal strip
~Layers of yellow and blue cardstock
~PTI White~Digital image by Mo Manning colored with Copics, ruffles topped with Stickles, wings coated with Stampin' Up Crystal Effects, image punched using Marvy scallop circle punch
~Three flower buttons with ribbon
Mo's Challenge: use Manning image plus buttons and or bows
Paper Garden Projects: Sugar and spice girly
Deidrich Dare: Use sparkles
I'm off to get ready for bed. I think I'll sleep well tonight with the Wedding Monkeys off my back!
On this eve of Memorial Day I post this poem in hope that they who have given the ultimate sacrifice may not be forgotten. My evening prayers will include Jeffrey, one 'my' students who was deployed to Afghanistan the Friday following graduation.

They Keep Us FreeIn time of need their will is sure
American, their freedom pure

Protect our life and liberty
Unselfishly, they keep us free

Each soldier knows what is at stake
The risk is grave, there’s no mistake

With pride they serve our country strong
They face each foe to come along

Remember them while in your home
Or where you choose to freely roam

Don’t take for granted what you see
Some left this life, so it could be

To God I urge you all to pray
For soldier’s brave, to face each day

We should be thankful, one and all
For those who march to meet each call

Roger J. Robicheau

You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.

Thanks for clicking in,

Wedding Weeds

Arrrrrrggghhhh!!!! Wedding cards. Why do they stump me? I need to find some images to use...stamps, digital. I just don't have anything appropriate or inspiring. Sure blame it on a lack a supplies. I love the idea of NEEDING items for my card room. Maybe that's the excuse I should go with. I don't usually struggle with a theme - I can look at a dragon fireman (Dustin Pike digital image) and think, "that would make a FUN birthday card". So it's not that I'm stuck on literal. Perhaps there is some deep rooted Jungian or Freudian reason why I have a mental block when it comes to wedding cards...hmmmm...I wonder...

Friends and family ask for wedding cards - I break into a cold sweat. What is that about?! Actually I don't break into a sweat in reality I have the invisible thought bubble above my head that says, "Crap, not a WEDDING card!" What? Doesn't anybody celebrate Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, Chicken Month, International Square Dancing Month anymore?!!!

So here are my feeble attempts. I will let Sister Gailey and Friend Mary Lee take their picks. As for my student weddings? They're getting Hallmark!

Simply Forever
~Base card PaperTrey Ink Rustic Cream
~Layer of K&Co Amy Butter Lotus
~Stampin' Up Word Window punch with Just Rite sentiment Forever
~Bunch of ribbons and tulle

Now and Forever~Base card PaperTrey Ink Rustic Cream~Layer of purple cardstock
~ Bottom strip: PaperTrey Ink Polka Dot Parade~Middle (purple) and floral upper layers of design paper
~Design paper front dry embossed using Cuttlebug embossing folder (you have to look close to see it)
~Fabric rick-rack is TOC (transfer of crap) from Sista Gail
~Two layers of purple cardstock
~Sentiment stamped with black Memento and colored with Copics (I swear - in real life the ampersand is purple NOT blue like it looks in the photo)
~Prima flowers with metal brad centers, Prima leaf, and purple beads on monofiliment
Just Us Girls to dry emboss
Shabby Tea Room to use polka dots
Play Date Cafe palette challenge

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn
~Base card PTI Rustic Cream~Card edges smudged with Distress Ink Peeled Paint
~Layer of K & Company Roam
~Two strips of K & Co. Roam companion paper
~Layer of olive green cardstock - edges smudged with Peeled Paint ink
~Image Live, Love, Laught, Learn by EK Success, stamped on PTI Rustic Cream using Peeled Paint~Frame clips by Stampin' Up Hodge Podge

Tiny Card Big Wishes~Base card - ready made from the Dollar Tree (3 x 5.5)
~Layer of BasicGrey for Archiver's
~Image from Michael's dollar bin, colored in with Tombow markers, dots of Liquid Applique, and Stampin' Up Crystal Effects dotted on cake flower centers and some of the design paper flower centers
~Ribbon cluster top right
~Side of card punch with small circular punch with sheer ribbon threaded through (that's how the set of 10 cards came in the package)

Wishes for Happiness
~Base card PTI White
~Layer of PTI Cream cardstock with stamped image Le London Script by Stampabilities using Versamark then embossed with Ranger Antique Gold embossing powder (TOC) from daughter Amy
~Polka dotted sheer ribbon from the Dollar Tree
~Die cut chip board flowers also from the Dollar Tree (centers of flowers were already glittered)
~Sentiment Warm Words from Stampin' Up, stamped using Versamark, embossed with Ranger Copper

In it for the Long Haul
~Base card PTI Rustic Cream~Layer of PTI Polka Dot Parade~Layer of citron green cardstock - edges curved using paper punch
~Layer of smaller polka dot from PTI Polka Dot Parade - edges curved
~Strip of vellum over one-third of the small polka dots - two edges curved
~Layer of white cardstock smudged with Stampin' Up Lavender Lace ink
~Image - Stampin' Up Vintage Valentines (I cut away the heart and the sentiment), colored with Copics, shoes and handle bars coated with Stampin' Up Crystal Effects, hair bow and dress embellished with Stickles
~Purple metal clip by Paper Studio was a giftie from Sissy Gail
~Sentiment from Stampin' Up either Warm Words or Small Script stamped on polka dot paper
~Tab of green and purple cardstock with purple punched using Martha Stewart Trellis punch
Mojo Monday (sketch)
Shabby Tea Room (polka dots)
Play Date Cafe (lavender palette)

Well, it's finally happened! There is actually something that will drive me out of my Bubble - wedding cards! The temperature is cool outdoors the ground is still damp from last night's rain. I'm going outside to pull weeds. I can't believe I'm actually choosing to pull weeds over making cards...see what a wedding will do to ya'?
You can get up close with the cards by clicking on the images. (Not that you'd WANT to - they are WEDDING CARDS!)
All good wishes,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Judy Saves the Day...with a Suitcase

Never give a procrastinator a legitimate excuse to put something off! The count for wedding cards has now increased to seven. I’m not complaining…I just don’t have a seven-wedding muse sitting on my shoulder. What is it with me and wedding cards? I just can’t seem to capture the mojo necessary to pull it off! Focus Nancy!!! Think white, satin, flowers, bells, rings, hearts! Maybe THAT’s the problem – I’m not a traditionalist. After all I happen to think THIS is a really cool wedding!

Sister Judy called last evening and managed to get her card request in before the battery on my cell phone died. (I REALLY need to take the time to order a new charger – the only charger I have is the one in my car and when it only takes, literally, five minutes to drive to work…suffice it to say I am lucky to have one charging bar on any given day) Anyway…back to Judy. She has neighbors who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. These neighbors travel ALOT and every year on their anniversary travel to a different state. (Wonder what they’ll do once they run out of states?) (Do people really travel to, say, North Dakota or New Jersey for anniversaries?) The ‘kids’ of this couple are requesting postcards from all the parent’s friends (postcards????). The ‘kids’ will then put all the cards in a suitcase (I’m assuming a NEW suitcase) and gift this to the parents. Hmmmm….. Whatever! I’m just the card maker what do I know?!

Luckily Judy’s plea for a quick-turn-around card was JUST what I needed to escape from making wedding cards!

Larry and Diane's Travel-Themed Anniversary Non-Post-Card

~Base card PTI Kraft
~Layer of Imagine That Travel (All patterened paper is from this collection)
~The frame I resized to fit, put rust colored backing, and added a Stampin Up! Hodge Podge clip
~Next is the brown cardstock and green layer of Travel rectangle shape
~Navy blue and rust cardstocks support an antique looking map
~Top, off-kilter square is a dye cut from same Travel collection~Chipboard suitcase - more of the Travel collection (Imagine That Travel Collection purchased at Wal-Mart)
~Splitcoast Stampers Sketch Challenge SC280
~Vertical sentiment from Inkadinkado Adventure

Judy, you can expect your card in the next couple of days. Holiday weekend - so not promising speedy delivery. Gail, Mary Lee, my peeps....just gonna have to wait for the inspiration tsunami to hit! Cuz' right now...I got Nutin!

The good news - I'm done with the weird traveling anniversary neighbors (the oddly worded and difficult to understand card request from the couples' kids -NOT Larry and Diane - they are very nice, not weird)...The bad cards are NEXT! Why is the attack soundtrack from Jaws playing in my head?

Thanks for clickin' in and have a memorable weekend.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oranges for Lunch

I ran home for lunch and decided to multi-task by lunching and loading. Clicked into another challenge (Moxie Fab World) that I think I will follow for awhile.

I have GOT to get started on some wedding cards! I have invitations to 3 weddings (5 are alumni) and one co-worker wedding. Plus Sister Gail has been begging for wedding cards. Yet, here I sit uploading NON-wedding cards! I'm hoping for a wedding muse to visit me soon!

Chip off the Old Block
~Base card PTI White
~Square layer of PTI Ripe Avocado
~Square layer of yellow cardstock
~Small squares and one rectangle of PTI Ripe Avocado - edges smudged with Distress Ink Peeled Paint
~Chipboard Buttons by Colorbox (purchased at Archiver's in the Hot Spot)
~Ribbons tied through chipboard buttons
~Challenge at Moxie - Tuesday Trigger

Latte' la'Orange
~Base card Papertrey Ink Kraft edges smudged using Distress Ink Vintage Photo
~Squares of PTI Orange Zest - edges smudged with Distress Ink Vintage Photo
~Digitial image from Mel Stampz, colored with Copics and Sharpies, foam added using Liquid Applique, sugar highlighted with Stickles Diamond (the image is actually a row of cups with sugar bowl - I cut them apart to use here
~Sentiment from dollar bin at Michael's
~Challenge at Moxie - Tuesday Trigger and The Paper Elephant challenge to feature the color orange

Time to head back to work... how very sad. Hoping for more Bubble Time tonight!
You can get up close with the cards by clicking on the images.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Epic Weekend

What a great weekend. Daughter Amy was home, I got surprise presents, survived a session of "working like a dog" at my mother's house and found time to make cards. I even watched Avatar. Great "epic" special effects but geezzzz...... 3+ hours for a movie with a predictable plot? WOW.

Here's the scoop on the cards.

Circular Wishes
~Base card PaperTrey Ink White~Layer of K & Co. Happy Birthday 2 U (ANOTHER present from Sista Gailey) whooot!!!
~3 scallop punched circles using another coordinating sheet of cardstock from the Happy Birthday 2 U, 'stitches' inked with black gel pen, 3 solid color circles and 3 enamel brads
~Sentiment from dollar bin at Michael's, presents on the sentiment colored with Sharpies and topped with Stickles
~Challenge at Stampin' B's to use 3 circles on a long card

Candle Brigade
~Base card Stampin' Up
~Layer of K & Co Happy Birthday 2 U
~Layer of green cardstock topped with another layer of Happy Birthday 2 U - with hot pink ribbon from Michael's dollar bin
~Sentiment - laser jet printed - "Go Ahead... Light the Candles"
~Two rectangles of Happy Birthday 2 U mounted on teal cardstock
~Digital image from Dustin Pike, colored in with Copics, highlighted with a few Stickles
~Challenge - sketch from Our Creative Corner and challenge at Doodle Dragon Studios to make a birthday card

Cafe Tulips
~Base card PaperTrey Ink Pale Yellow
~Layers of PaperTrey Ink Polka Dot Parade (small and medium dots)
~Image from Paper Garden Projects, colored with Copics
~Assorted ribbons
~Challenge - sketch from Crazy for Challenges and color challenge at a NEW challenge spot, for me anyway, The Play Date Cafe (thank you Julie Ranea for your personal invitation to join in your challenges)

You can get up close with the cards by clicking on the images.
All good wishes,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Recipe for Love

Nothing to report from work. I did upload a video of graduation pics to the Briar Cliff University Facebook page. It was fun to put together.

Started my day with a scrub down of the kitchen and bathroom - planning ahead so I can spend guilt free Bubble time.

~Base card PaperTrey Ink Pure Poppy
~Layer of PaperTrey Ink Ocean Tides
~Layer of Basic Grey Infuse
~Strip of another Infuse line from Basic Grey
~Cream colored braid - giftal from Gailey (thank you)
~Buttons, from the 'famous' Memere Button Bowl, threaded with twine
~Image Boughs for Wreaths by Mo Manning, colored with Copics, printed on PaperTrey Ink White using inkjet printer, layer of PaperTrey Ink Ocean Tides frames the image
~Challenge at Mo's Challenge Blog - Create a card that suggests Love
~Challenge at Dutch Dare a Recipe calling for:
2 design papers
4 buttons
3 colors

May have time for a few more challenges yet this weekend. Daughter Amy here - we are making a trip to Memere Old's - she NEEDS tomato plants. I happened to mention the saffron (oops - safflower NOT saffron) seeds that the cardinals munch on Gail's porch so of course we ALSO now have to go buy seeds. Ya' gotta laugh...

Hurray! Gail sent a K & Co pack of design paper Happy Birthday 2 U. Guess that's a hint that she needs some birthday cards. Very bright colors - thank you Gailey! I love card making gifties!!!

You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saffron Fizz

It is amazing what I can accomplish when I get home from work at a decent time. Now by accomplish I don't mean cooking, cleaning, picking up... That would be nice. But I felt my time would be much better spent in the bubble! My slacker time at work is about to come to a rapid deceleration. New deadlines.

So lets get rippin' on the cards.

These two are a sketch design challenge from Mercy's Tuesday Sketch Challenge. I liked the layout so much I made two cards from the one sketch.

Tuesday Saffron
~Base card Papertrey Ink Summer Sunrise
~Layers of Wild Saffron from K&Co
~Layer of brown cardstock then another layer of the same Wild Saffron
~Narrower layer of brown cardstock with yet another layer Wild Saffron
~Circle punch used for flower, image from Clip Art Etc, colored with Copics, center dotted with yellow Stickles
~Entire card spritzed with Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist Wheat Fields~Image from Clipart ETC colored with Copics, highlighted with Stickles Yellow

Hydrangea Tuesday
~Base card Papertrey Ink Spring Rain
~Free digital image from Nina Designs colored with Copics, petals coated with Stampin' Up Crystal Effects
~Layer of vertical stripes American Craft design paper
~Layer of rick-rack American Craft design paper
~Layer of lavender cardstock and layer of horizontal American Craft design paper
~Layer of lavender cardstock and another layer of vertical American Craft design paper - bottom edge of lavender cardstock punch using Martha Stewart Lattice punch

Humming Along
~Base card Papertrey Ink New Leaf
~Layer of Miss Elizabeth
~Mo Manning Baby Fairy Yuriko colored with Copics, wings and lily coated with Stampin' Up Crystal Effects, image printed on Papertrey Ink Vintage Cream using laser jet, Stickles Diamond along pink edge of dress
~Prima flowers with rhinestones
~Flutterby Wednesday challenge to use fairy, or angel, or butterfly PLUS flowers

Fizz Window
~Base card Papertrey Ink Raspberry Fizz
~Layer of Papertrey Ink Raspberry Fizz Mix
~Circle punch
~Circular paper clip
~Inside (through window) three layers of Prima flowers with white metal brad
~Challenge at Little Red Wagon to "Put a Window in It"

Getting this done early enough to have my proof reader find all my mistakes - yippeeee! Get ready Gailey!

You can get up close with the cards by clicking on the images.

All good wishes,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Beer, Rhubarb, and One Pink Elephant

What a quiet day at work. I already miss the noise, chatting, singing, giggling, guffawing and even the occasional swear word that drift past my doorway all academic year long. Sure the parking was GREAT but jeepers it was too quiet!

After work - a trip to my mother's house. It was time to fill the bird feeders, take out the garbage, and of course - she wanted to go out to dinner. A beer and an entire burrito with gravy, lettuce and tomato, chips/salsa later, she decided she was full. For a 92 year old woman who weighs about the same amount as her age she can really pack it away! I have to go back tomorrow night to transplant a hosta. I tried doing that tonight but with the shovel she had I would have been better off using a wooden ice-cream 'spork'. I will take my OWN shovel and move the hosta tomorrow.

Last week when I was there she was lamenting the lack of rhubarb she had. I went outside to see if there was more to pick and found a hill she hadn't even touched. I picked a large handful of the tart 'fruitable'. Did you know that it is botanically a vegetable but the US declared it a fruit (with resulting tax incentive)? Hmmmm.... well anyway I evidently picked too much because she told me the next day (about 4 times) how she spent HOURS chopping "all that damn rhubarb". Ya' just gotta laugh...

Time for a quicky card. I have to admit I didn't do much. This is re-purposing of a card I received. I added the base card, the design paper, brads, ribbon, and a few sparklies. Ta Da! Instant card. Challenge was a sketch challenge at The Pink Elephant.

That's all for tonight.

You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.

All good wishes,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bubbles in my Pockets

The final week of school, honors convocation, French Toast Frenzy, baccalaureate ceremony, graduation and the parking at school just got LOTS easier! What a crazy busy week. Oh and the bribe payoff - wow it HAS been a busy week.

Where to begin? Sunday was the day I paid my bribery debt. I 'coerced' a few football players into attending an event for the president of the college. The bribe included home cooking. What was I thinking!? Well schedules never permitted (or should I say subjected) students to come to my house for dinner. So instead I baked (and baked) (and baked) and took the guys a car full of study break goodies. They were very appreciative - as was I - when they attended the event for me several weeks ago.

French Toast Frenzy - I was on scrambled egg detail. The staff and faculty cook and serve up French toast, bacon, scrambled eggs, and cinnamon rolls. It is always done the night before finals start and the serving begins at 9:30 pm. It is a very popular event! The 'kids' love it.

Friday evening - I ushered at Baccalaureate Services at the Cathedral of the Epiphany. I dashed out early enough to make it to granddaughter Bailey's school operetta. Daughter Amy was in town to make her annual pilgrimage to Orange City to the Tulip Festival so she went with us to the Operetta. Bailey gave me the obligatory smile and wave and then she saw Aunt Amy! She just lit up! Boy did I ever feel like chopped liver!

Saturday - Graduation at the Orpheum Theatre was lovely. Just the right amount of Pomp and Circumstances! I missed out on the Tulip Festival which includes an annual quilt show. Could have used a clone of myself - but then I'd need TWICE the card making supplies! Careful what you wish for...

Now on to the cards.

Bubble Buttons
~Base card Papertrey Ink Lemon Tart~Layer of design paper (don't know the name)
~Yellow printed ribbon from the Michael's dollar bin
~Three buttons
~Yellow circular cardstock
~Image by Sassy Cheryl's, colored in with Copics, bubble top coated with Stampin' Up Crystal Effects
~Sentiment printed on the laser jet printer
~Challenge from The Pink Elephant was to include the color yellow, design paper, and buttons

Birthday Tiers~Base card Papertrey Ink Ocean Tides
~Layer of Dasiy D's design paper with brads in the corners
~Layer of stripped ribbon from Archiver's
~Layer of Papertrey Ink Ocean Tides and layer of Daisy D's design paper
~Scallop circle of PTI Ocean Tides
~Digital image colored in using Copics, Stickes used on candle flames and flower centers, cake plate and base top coated with Stampin' Up Crystal Effects
~Challenges: sketch challenge at Lord Have Mercy and the Little Red Wagon's challenge to incorporate brads

Mo' Whimsey
~Base care Papertrey Ink white cardstock
~Layer of Miss Elizabeth paper from the $ Tree
~Circular layer of green card stock topped with more of the same design paper
~Layers of blue then green cardstock
~Image by Mo Manning colored in with Copics, balloons top coated with Crackle Accents
~Yellow corner flower brads
~Challenges: Mo's Challenge to use flowers (corner brads) and the challenge at Our Creative Corner to make a masculine birthday card

Pocketful of Posies
~Base card Papertrey Ink New Leaf~Layer of stripe design paper
~Layer of Papertrey Ink cardstock and another layer of stripe design paper
~Metal clip
~Layers of yellow and green cardstock, then digital image colored in with Copics, hair bow and flower topped with Stickles
~Challenge: Crazy for Challenges (C4C37) the challenge is to incorporate pockets

Mocha Java Latte' Double Expresso Lite
~Base card Papertrey Ink Ocean Tides
~Layer of Basic Gray design paper
~Layers of Ocean Tides, coral, light, and bronze cardstocks, digital image colored in with Copics, sugar top coated with Stickles, foam created with Liquid Applique
~Sentiment from Stampin' Up Express Yourself
~Challenge: Stampin' B's to use food or drink in honor of International No Diet Day!

I'm hoping to score some more Bubble time soon! Maybe with school over I won't be working 15 hour days and can actually work on cards during the week.

You can get up close with the cards by clicking on the images.

All good wishes,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yippee for Bubble Time

Finally managed to squeeze in Bubble time. Whooooooo Hoooooo! Between weekends spent with sissy Gail and crunch time at time for the Bubble and card therapy. Sad that!

Needed to get busy working on a request card for Mary Lee. She wanted a card to welcome home family members who have been living outside the United States. She said something about putting - glad you are home now stay home....but don't think she was serious about actually putting that ON the card!


~Base card PaperTrey Ink - Summer Sunrise
~Layer of DCWV Nana's Kids cardstock
~Orange/yellow ribbon
~Layer of brick red cardstock with sentiment printed on laser jet printer/white cardstock
~Layer of green cardstock with grass scribbles using green Sharpies, edges smudged with Stampabilities Orange
~Digital image from Sassy Cheryl's colored in using Copics, hair bows topped with Stampin' Up Crystal Effects~Slotted metal blue brad threaded with multiple ribbons
~Sketch challenge from Whimsical Wednesday


~Base card PaperTrey Ink white
~Layer of DCWV The Color Block Mat Stack
~Layer of green cardstock topped with coordinating DCWV
~Sheer polka dot ribbon
~Layer of green then blue cardstock
~Image is a rubber stamp I won from a Cute Card Thursday challenge. It is Bear & Butterflies by Lili of the Valley. Image colored in with Copics, eye glass lenses topped with Stampin' Up Crystal Effects, butterflies dotted with Stickles
~Flower by Flora Doodles with blue flower brad
~Sentiment by Hero Arts
~Theme The Great Outdoors is a challenge at Crafty Calendar Challenge

Thinking of You

~Base card PTI Berry Sorbet
~Four layers of coordinating PTI Text Style Pink Patterns layered on solid green cardstock
~Image is stamp from Michael's dollar bin colored in with Copics
~Sentiment by Just Right
~Sketch idea from Splitcoast Stampers SC199~Challange to use pink and green from Little Red Wagon

Dogwoods Days
~Base card - PTI Ocean Tides
~Design paper squares (can't remember brand)
~Center square stamped using Stampin' Up Best Blossoms using Distress Ink Peeled Paint (leaves) flowers stamped using Versamark and embossed with Stampendous Pink Crystal Opaque (one of those - 'I bought this why?' items)
~Sketch idea from Splitcoast Stampers SC 278
~Another pink and green challenge for Little Red Wagon challenge

I'm off to pay off a 'bribe' of sorts...suffice it to say it includes baked goods. Lots to tell next blog-in it regards cooking, final days of school, a Walk with the Sisters, and I'll explain the 'bribe'. So happy to have had some Bubble time. I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to get back into the card making thing...but I guess I got back into the card saddle without too much difficulty after all.

All good wishes,