Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Right Back Atcha Judy!

My sister Judy, because she lives far, far away doesn't get the opportunity to participate in my 'local family' tradition of "transferring o' the crap'. You know, that stuff that you have sitting around that you no longer use, maybe never even wanted, so you knowingly foist it on someone else? This is NOT to be confused with re-gifting. No! No! No! Transfer of Crap is just flat out - "here I don't want this crap anymore - you take it"! Well, since I was just in GA visiting my southern sista, she had the chance to play ToC. I have to be honest, however, what she transfered really wasn't the typical 'crap'. It was a really cute gift enclosure card that someone had given her (no - she didn't give me the gift - only the card...).

So, now she gets the transfer item back in the form of a card!

Flowers by Judy
~Base card - PTI - edges smudged with pink
~Layer of pink cardstock - edges torn and pink ink smudged - embossed using a stamp from the $Tree and gold embossing powder
~Rectangular layer of DCWV matstock
~RE-PURPOSED gift enclosure card - trimmed down in size, edges pink ink smudged, and attached using foam dimensionals

You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.

All good wishes,

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