Friday, September 4, 2009

Movies, Titles and more on ToC

The good news is I'm heart healthy the bad news is 'now what'? Is it just a coincidence that I started experiencing chest pain about the same time I was denied my bubble time? hmmm... Is there a test for that? Does that make me a 'little bubble off plumb'?
Because, in my heart of healthy-heart, I believe there is at least some correlation so, I'm thinking I should re-name my blog from Fiber Bubble to Pulp Therapy. I can't really say the new prospective title is in reference to the movie Pulp Fiction as I've never seen the movie or read the book. I think I did mention in a previous post my 'thing' with attending movies... I'll check and if I didn't you will find out WHY my family REFUSES to watch movies with me.

Contemplating changing Fiber Bubble to Pulp Therapy has to do with my belief that while I joke about my card creating is my 'therapy' there may be more to it than I ever gave it credit.

As the title of this post promises - MORE on ToC. (Transfer of Crap) Daughter Amy came up with that term. She also determined this ToC is a genetic trait shared by some members of our family. While I believe in her unscientific pronouncement that this gene would somewhere be located in the official Genome Mapping Project – I now believe this characteristic is also viral. A gene/trait that can be spread??? That will put the scientific world in a sequencing spin!

ToC even has its very own special basket. The basket rarely sits empty. Sista Gail maintains the “Sioux City Basket” as it contains the ‘crap’ to be ‘transferred’ at every possible Omaha/Sioux City or Sioux City/Omaha rendezvous. It is a huge responsibility but she shoulders it with grace and tenacity. The ToC has recently accepted a new member into the Circle of Crap. Friend Mary Lee is now included in this exclusive Transfer of Crap ‘club’.

I hope Mary Lee reads the fine print on the ToC contract:
~All items submitted for transfer must never be scrutinized by the receiver while in the presence of the giver
~All items are given with the knowledge that some piece or part of a piece of crap may be returned to the giver in the form of a card embellishment
~Once items are given to the ToC recipient - the recipient has rights to do with the items (crap) as the recipient sees fit (use, store, pass along to some other unwitting sap)
There are other lines of legalese in the contract but the fine print is so fine you need to log in time with the Hubble Telescope to decipher it.

Official ‘members’ of the ToC: Sister Gail, Friends Nila and Mary Lee. I’m a member but always seem to be only on the receiving end… What’s up with that????

I’m also a member of another exclusive ‘club’. The 3/5’s Club…that is a topic for another blog.

Now it’s time for the card details.
These are a continuation in the Fall – Feeling Thankful series for Mary Lee’s work peeps.
Horizontal card:
~Base card is Stampin Up Eggplant cardstock
~Oak and maple leaves stamped with Versamark then embossed with copper
~Center leaves embossed with thick copper embossing powder
~Outer frame is most likely an item from the infamous transfer of crap: it was a card window frame for cross-stitch (like THAT would ever happen!) I used acrylic paints, purple, metallic copper, and olive, and sienna. I then smudged it onto the frame using a small sponge. (Yes, the paints are from Sista Gail transferrin o' the crap.)
~Random ribbons complete the card...
Vertical card:
~Base card is Stampin Up cocoa colored cardstock (don't remember the name)
~Coordinated design paper by Bo-Bunny
~Stamp is from the 'Around the Block' set by Stampin Up
~The edges of the stamped square - I 'roughed up', then tapped the edges with Versamark, then embossed with copper. I have never done this before - I think I like it - it is difficult to see the result in the photo. This is then layered on an orange layer of cardstock.
~The ovaloid rectangle was punched with a Stampin Up punch
~Three brads complete the card...
You can get up close with the cards by clicking on the images.
All good wishes,

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