Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MTV witch

This will be a quick post. I have to admit for once I’m not looking forward to going to work. Being gone from a one-person-department is nasty. When I left last evening I still had 600+ emails staring at me in my inbox.

Last night I ‘volunteered’ (?) to drive a 16 passenger van full of freshman to the president’s (of the college) home. Over the course of several weeks she hosts a catered dinner at her home. By the end of the month EVERY freshman will have had dinner at her home. They all seem to enjoy it – at least the ones I ferry across town. There is always lively discussion in the van to and from the event. Last night one of the students asked me if her house was ‘cool’ enough to be on MTV Cribs. I did not admit to the fact that not only have I never seen the show, I don’t even have cable television. Luckily I’m cool enough to know what they meant by ‘crib’, am vaguely aware of the type of programming MTV has to offer, and could make the leap that if the program is on MTV – it probably has to do with celebrities. They launched into a discussion about cribs they had seen on the show – so that got me off the dialogue hook and into the active listening mode – thank God.

I had a different group of students in the van for the return trip so I didn’t get to ask how the president’s ‘crib’ would fair on MTV. I’m sure her husband’s den AKA ‘the baseball museum’ would get high marks.
Another late night on campus this evening - 8 PM Homecoming Committee meeting... (8 PM???? ahhhh the life of a student...)
On to the card…
Base card: Stampin-Up Black cardstock
~Layer of orange cardstock
~Layer of DaisyD’s Design Paper
~Teeny little brown paper sack – stamped with cob webs (dollar bin – Michael’s)
~Circle punch with SU witch – colored in with watercolor pencils – edge smudged with SU ink – crackle added over the top
~The inserted tag slides out, has assorted ribbons and is edged with Stampabllities orange ink, and is stamped with the sentiment
You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.
All good wishes,

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