Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jerome & Evelyn

So many topics so little time…what to bore you with tonight??? Let’s see…I think I’ll just hit you with total randomness. I can hear you thinking, “and that will be different from any of your other blogs…how?”

I was so thrilled when I got a notice that I had a blog comment! It wasn’t the obligatory post response from my sissies!! Sweet Evelyn read my blog and posted a comment. I forwarded it to the 3/5’s club immediately. Partially because I wanted them to know someone, in addition to them, reads my blog. Mostly I forwarded it to them because Evelyn shared BIG NEWS about The Old School Diner. I will save my reflections on The Old School Diner for another blog – but suffice it to say – my mouth is already watering. And I’m sure Judy is anxious for her shoulder massage. Yes, Chef Jerome gave neck/shoulder massages. (I’m also anxious to see if the bathroom was renovated – I certainly hope not!!) Remind me later – I will share the ‘sissy Judy /public restroom’ story.

Back to Evelyn. She is a very nice and talented lady we met in Shellman Bluff, GA. I was in the bait shop/boat house/general store in downtown Shellman with sista’s Judy and Gail, and friend Nila. I have this ‘thing’ about business cards. I pick them up whenever I see them. It’s not really a ‘collection’, I don’t go out of my way to find them. And I don’t pick up ULGLY or BORING business cards. There are a few business cards sitting by the cash register on the gnarled wooden counter of the shop. There in the assortment of cards was a colorful, cheerful business card just crying out for me to pick it up. I did, read the card, it read ‘Beads by Evelyn’. Then I read further…the address was Shellman Bluff. After a double-take ‘Shellman Bluff’?!? No way!!! How could that be? We were standing in essentially the ONLY retail business in Shellman Bluff, and, certainly the only retail operation in ‘downtown’ Shellman Bluff!

We asked the friendly, weathered, gentleman behind the counter if he knew who Evelyn was. He is a very sweet man and probably wonders what the heck these women do every year here in Shellman. We go once a year – spend time sitting on the dock watching boats getting hauled out, getting put in, getting hauled out, getting put in…. ‘get’ the picture? We don’t boat, we don’t fish, we DO buy an annual t-shirt, occasional pork rinds, and beer from the shop. (Please note I am not the pork rind purchaser.) This kind man informed us that Evelyn was his daughter-in-law.
Next thing we knew – Evelyn was at Miss Teeny’s (the house we have the privilege of staying in every year) with baskets and baskets of fabulous jewelry. All of it made by her! Our very own home jewelry show! We had so much fun and Evelyn was such a good sport. She remade items, custom made items, just for us! What a fun afternoon. Lots of bling, lots of laughs, and a new friendship – all in Shellman Bluff. How cool is that? You can check out Evelyn’s handiwork here.

Here is the low-down on this card. I’m almost finished with my ‘Mary Lee is Thankful’ series. Heading to Omaha on Wednesday – so I better stay focused on card-making.

~Base card - PaperTrey ‘Vintage Cream’
~Layer of Basic Grey ‘Mellow’
~Scallop frame made using Cuttlebug
~Horizontal rectangles of gold card stock, Basic Grey ‘Mellow’ and two olive green brads
~Vase of flowers stamp is one of the Simple Florals by Stampin’ Up!
I colored in the vase, ‘water’, and flowers with Copics
I filled in the vase with Stampin’ Up!’s ‘Crystal Effect’ to make it look more like glass

You can get up close with the card by clickiing on the image.

All good wishes,

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  1. Wow, i just found this :) Thank you Nancy!!! That was a GREAT weekend! You girls are so much fun :))


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