Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Homage to Naked Cupcake Night

I just had to make this in honor of Naked Cupcake Night. The dormitory floor parents annual cupcake bash was this evening. We all bring 2 dozen, homemade, unfrosted (naked) cupcakes, tubs of frosting, and assorted toppings (sprinkles, M&Ms, colored sugar...). Take everything to the 4th floor dorm lounge and stand back! The girls LOVE frosting and decorating their own cupcakes - lots and lots of cupcakes. I usually stay for about an hour - but there are enough ingredients and cupcakes that they carry on decorating for hours. They tend to forget there are 'parents' in the lounge - so I hear things - that normally I would not be privy to. Usually one of them will say - 'hey talk nice, our 'parents' are here! Mostly freshman, they are a great group of young adults and it is endearing to see how much they appreciate a taste of home.

I took Valentine decorations up to the lounge and some of the students hung them. Even that brought on lots of giggles and a break from the fact that they are miles from home, have papers to write and chapters to read and piles of studying - finals are next week!

By the way this card fits into the Amy requested Cupcake Series. No Amy I haven't forgotten you get any and all cards made with cupcakes.

This is my third late night at school and lucky me - I get to be there again tomorrow night - for a 9:30 meeting. Last night I had "Resume Roadshow". I went to the upper class dorm across campus - they had cookies and milk and a sign up for prizes - I suppose so I wasn't standing there with no re'sumes to review. It was a fun night - I went from one student to another suggesting quick fixes. I start to feel like a walking Thesaurus.... It was a pretty fun evening - great kids! I was grateful it started at 7 pm instead of their usual 9 pm.

I have no recall of why I stayed late at work on Monday....hmmmm. Tonight I will be staying late for a student government meeting. It's STARTS at 9:30 PM. Who starts a meeting at 9:30 PM ????? Ii will last until 11 PM. I'm the advisor can't I get that changed? College students seem to come alive after 9 PM. (Of course they ALL take naps after classes at 4!) No nap for me!!

Every student applying for a Resident Assistant position for next fall has to have their applications in by this Friday and they all had to have their re'sumes reviewed by me prior to turning them in. Suffice it to say - my eyes are glazed over, and I'm not even sure I know a verb from a noun any longer.

I'm not complaining - it's been a great week thus far. Thursday we hear who our new boss will be. I'm picking up my new computer glasses. I only have 3 more RA re'sumes to blast through. Then on to the 23 res'umes waiting in the queue. We only got 2 more inches of snow on Monday. Too bad about Puxatawny Phil....but hey it's winter...that's life in the Midwest. More snow predicted for Thursday evening...hmmm maybe the meeting can get cancelled....Oh wait - THEY ALL LIVE on campus they don't HAVE to drive in the snow. As much as I've been there this week - maybe I'll just sleep on the sofa in my office tonight.

Here is the card I squeezed time in for this morning. I worked on it while the cupcakes were in the oven baking. In between allowing things to dry I worked on re'sumes. Cupcakes, cards and re'sumes - now that is some multi-tasking.

Naked Cupcake Night~Base card PTI
~Layer of orange cardstock
~Layer of Miss Elizabeth dots - purchased at the $ Tree
~Rectangle layer of green - edges smudged with orange
~Horizontal layer of orange companion paper
~Image is stamped on PTI colored with Copics, sugar-trimmed with Stickles and flame is Yellow Stickles; google eyes ~Cupcake is a digital image layered on to the polka dot background paper placed on a layer of black
~Assorted ribbons
You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.All good wishes,

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