Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Fear A Mystery is A-FOOT (AKA - I've never seen those slippers in my life!)

WOW. Finally I logged in some bubble time! I get a wee (?) bit crabby when I don't get some bubble time - my time to myself. Actually, there is a psychological/sociological reason for me to NEED my bubble time. According to Myers-Briggs – I am an introvert. And as some of you know, contrary to popular belief, introversion does not necessarily imply shyness. Introverts need their personal space and some alone time to recharge their batteries. THAT would be ME – Introvert. I could tell you the rest of my Myers-Briggs analysis (three more letters) but I think I’ll keep you guessing.

Me crabby??? Just ask sista G! In case you are curious or have never experienced the wrath of Nancy – here a few situations you may want to steer clear of:
~Nancy experiencing environmental heat
~Nancy experiencing internal heat (aka HOT flashes)
~Nancy being asked lots of rapid fire medical questions (“cuz’ yer a nurse…you’ll know…”) First off – I spent MOST of my ‘nurse days’ in a burn trauma unit – if it doesn’t involve skin, lungs, extreme high caloric intake, or ‘what does pseudomonas smell like’ DON’T ASK ME!!!! I don’t know nuttin’ bout’ birthin’ no babies, pediatrics, broken bones, or hip replacements!!!! (See? I DO get crabby…)
~Nancy trying to cook for holiday meals – she never learned the art of having everything ready at the same time. More than once an entire side dish was never served because it was left uncooked in the refrigerator or left VERY cooked in the oven.
There are more crabby provocations – but let’s just say - it’s time to move on.

Before I really get into my rants or the evening – please note that I did indeed fix the typos in my previous posts. Thank God for sisters willing to point to your flaws (lovingly of course) and say – ‘hey stupid – fix that typo’!!!!

Our mother is in the hospital right now with pneumonia. She seems to be on the mend even without the help of her favorite slippers. There is a story about a pair of slippers I would love to share with you; however, I’m not sure even Erma Bombeck or Walter Cronkite could do this tale justice. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Maybe I should just wait because I don’t think the Tale of the Straw Slippers has a conclusion yet. I’ll keep notes and write a complete short story once we know the solution to the Mystery of the Disappearing Slippers. Suffice it to say – that when you hear our mother say, “WELL, _______ “ (fill in name of appropriate daughter - ALL UPPER CASE) – you know you’re doomed!

Here is another blip about Facebook. With the help of neice-in-law Tamarah we set up a family (invite only) group to keep everyone up-to-date on the Mother/Charlotte/Memere 2/Memere Old health status. In the process Sissy G and I searched and located cousins and added them as ‘friends’, read the well wishes of invitees, and reconnected with one cousin in particular. I like feeling a little more connected with family – without the awkwardness of family reunions. Way to go Facebook! It was a little challenging explaining Facebook to our 92 year old mother – but I think she likes knowing we have a “group” dedicated to keeping up on her. Wait till she finds out I mentioned the slippers on the Facebook group account. I hear another, Well, NANCY!!!! in my future.
Okay, time for a card update. This card is a “Christmas in August” challenge from Our Creative Corner.
Here are the details:
~Vanilla base card
~BasicGrey design paper – Wassail Collection Pack
~The song I downloaded years ago – I have several Christmas Carols saved as jpgs if you want me to share them – just drop me an email – can’t remember or find the source
~The “tree” is actually not a tree at all – it is a stamp tab that I USED for a tree – it is from Autumn Leaves “Doodle Tabbed” by Tia Bennett
The dove tree topper is a Martha Stewart punch that I punched through a vanilla colored thank you card - including the scroll of the T in Thank You so it the swirl of the gold is part of the dove
You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.
I have GOBS of college students to face in the morning – so I’m done for the evening. I don’t even think I’ll take time to tend my crops on FarmTown tonight! Thanks for stopping by!

All good wishes,


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