Sunday, July 21, 2013

Corn Inspired

I've be been absent from my blog for quite some time. Nearly 6 months actually! I thought I needed to choose between blogging and making cards. I was struggling with managing both 'carding' and blogging (plus incorporating a bit of work, life, work, house stuff, gardening ... did I mention WORK?). I'm still not sure I can juggle work, life, cards, and blogging but I will give it my best shot. It's the whole photo, upload, crop, upload again, decide what fun little story to chat about, begin the creative writing process....and that doesn't even include making the darn card! I shouldn't complain too much about time, time, time...I do have my eagle eye sisters who email and text my grammar gaffes and typos. I love having proofreading editors "on staff"!

So I'm going to give it a go! What was the inspiration for charging back into the
 blogosphere? Corn on the cob! Very Iowa-ish - Right?  Went to the Farmer's Market yesterday and among other fresh delectables  purchased sweet corn! Fast forward to dinner on Sunday...the corn was so incredibly tasty. From the 'yum' thought I surged to 'blog'! I seriously thought, "this corn is so good it deserves to be blogged about!"

Corn Inspired Blogging! But, what do you expect for a corn-fed-Iowa-bred gal?

Hence this post. Best corn ever from Farmer Brown (no..really...that is his name!) "Candy Corn" to be precise. And I fixed it using the 'magical' microwave technique. Seriously - I love cooking corn on the cob without all that darn shucking, cleaning, and dreadful heating up of the kitchen from the boiling water. FABULOUS!

Well, yes I do have a card - not just corn to blather on about. I'm letting the design paper 'do all the work'. I'm giving my Copics a rest with this one.

My Charmed Friend
~Base Card - Stampin' Up
~Design Paper - Webster's Pages
~Die Cut - Stampin' Up
~Pearls - colored with Sharpies
~Flowers - stamped with Stampin' Up Fabulous Florets, hand cute
~Sheer aqua ribbon and anchor charm
Craft a Scene - underwater scene

Thanks for clicking by... Here's to returning to blogging!

All good wishes,
Nancy in Iowa


  1. beautiful card. the fish in the corner are so nice.
    thank you for joining at craft a scene this month.

  2. YAYYYYY!!!!! I knew you'd be back at some time, how I've worried and missed you! My blogging is spasmatic, like you I've just not the time to blog and make cards at times but unlike you, I'm not the chattiest, lol, I've even given up on explaining all the details, maybe I need some of "Farmer Brown's" corn to get me chatty lol! Your card is simply gorgeous, I love it when the paper does the work, I do however see through that and see the perfectly balanced card, intricate cutting out and gorgeous embellishments.
    Great to have you back my lovely Nancy!.x

  3. A gorgeous card Nancy, your backing paper almost has the look of a shipwreck in the bottom right hand corner. Thanks for joining in at Craft A Scene this month.

    Sue x

  4. Nancy, I'm between waves of company right now but just had to take the time and pop into your blog to first tell you I'm so glad you're back! YEA!!!! You've been missed - but I understand exactly where you're coming from on all this.
    I love your card. That paper is just beautiful and the design is perfect for it. Loving that little anchor too! Fabulous all the way around.
    Can't wait to see more of you now!

  5. Nancy wow this is so beautiful x

  6. hello Nancy,
    thank you for your nice comment on my blog. it was very good to read. thank you.

  7. Simple and cute is a nice combination. Love the charm. Thanks for joining us this month at Craft a Scene. NancyD


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