Sunday, August 30, 2009

TOC, and YES I'm LATE for WORK

Yes, I should be in the car headed to the Cliff. Okay, I am going for the fashionably late arrival.
It just means one less blue bin to carry upstairs for a parent and student.
REALLY a U-Haul???? Have you SEEN the size of the dorm rooms? Do you REALIZE you have to share the room with another person who ALSO brought a U-Haul? When do you have time to use all these hair products? You want the desk moved out to make room for your SOUND SYSTEM and Guitar HERO? You brought a Lazy-Boy recliner??? That and a microwave will reduce the walking space in your room to 1.6573 cubic centimeters! Enjoy!

At least the weather is wonderful. Especially wonderful if you are helping the students move in to 4th floor Toller (no AC no elevator – need I say more?).

For those of you not familiar with TOC it is a symbiotic relationship between family and (only invited) friends. Simply put TOC is the Transfer of Crap. For more on TOC see previous posts. The card is for the Mary Lee Autumn Series. One of the members of the TOC (not sure which one - but THEY know who they are) sent a rather large HUNK of …. Something….what the heck is this anyway? It’s woven, it’s tweedy, it ravels, it’s heavy, does burlap come in purple? Regardless of what it is I used it on a card:

~Base card – PaperTrey
~Layer of Stampin Up Eggplant cardstock
~Layer of unknown fiber/fabric – edges raveled (intentionally)
~Sentiment is from Michaels – a Hero Arts stamp layered on three colors of cardstock
I really liked the threads that came loose when I raveled the edges of the unknown fiber so I kept them – bundled them and attached them using a metal brad.

Now, I REALLY DO need to leave for work!
You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.

Thank you for checking in.
All good wishes,

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