Monday, June 28, 2010

Prussian Blue Re-Do

So I'm late for work...luckily for me I have a boss who knows I will get my work done and believes in summer casual hours. I just couldn't leave without trying to fix my fix of this teapot. Forgive me Mary Lee -if you think this card will further depress your 'under the weather friend' just give it a toss I will totally understand.

Here is the remedy - it's called "we must focus on something other than the teapot"! For the previous version (sans buttons and leaves) see below.

Okay! Now I mean it! I am really leaving for work!
Have a good one!


  1. Prussian blue is good. The Prussians/today's Kyrgyzstanis (I think) are hardy and have lessons to teach us about survival and real troubles. I'll remind my friend about that--
    thank you, thank you.


  2. Hi Nan ~ You gave my blog a visit yesterday evening so I thought I would check yours out this morning. :) I've enjoyed looking at all of your cards, they are really great!! (You're too hard on yourself about the looks great) I'm a big fan of darker shadowing when it comes to Copics.

    You can watch a lot of tutorials online on how to shade with your Copics. I however do the opposite that most of them suggest...I start with my darkest color rather than lightest. It just takes practice, but're being too hard on yourself. I really like the shading on the teapot and the rose too.

    Your blog is great, and very funny too. I've signed up to become a follower!! Thanks for stopping by mine yesterday and leaving me such sweet comments!! :)


  3. Absolutely gorgeous colouring and wonderful design! I thing the shadowing on teapot is just perfect!! I too like Wendy start with darkest colours. It's really all about having fun and experimenting!!!


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