Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fractions and Acronyms

Family week...
We had a great time last night visiting with Gary and Tamarah (nephew and niece) from Atlanta. Lots of laughs and reacquainting. Even a trip to the bar where Sister Judy (Gary’s mama) went on dates with future (and current husband). Off course had to take a few photos of the outside of the place. I don’t think the sign has been painted since it was originally installed years ago. Gary wanted to write something on the wall about for a good time call….his mama…. Thankfully none of us had a writing instrument! Tamarah DID put the picture up on Facebook. Seriously Judy – I had NOTHING to do with that!

Friday Sista Gail and I and ‘adopted’ Nila leave for our annual trek to the south….to see… MORE family. I’m not sure how to explain the 3/5’s club now that Nila is included. The original 3/5’s club is three of five siblings getting together every year to quilt and chill. (One from Omaha, one from Atlanta, and me – from Sioux City). Maybe an acronym would have been better than math…because what to do with Nila????

If we include her as a sibling – that would equal 6. (This is VERY dangerous territory – me working with math – please feel free to check my figures.) If she makes 6 than the number of participants equal 4. If I’m not mistaken 4/6’s has to be reduced (is that what you call it?). That would mean the club would be the 2/3’s club. That makes NO sense to me at all!

But she’s not really a sibling. So… 3/5’s + 1?

Hey! Why does she get to be a whole number and we are mere fractions. I HATE fractions! What if we mix fractions and decimals? 3/5.5? (Don’t think that is mathematically kosher)

How about some algebra thrown in just for fun? 3/5 + n = y {where y = fun}

Let’s try some acronyms using the first two letters of our names! Juga Nina. Sounds like a harsh tropical wind, wizened old crone from a fairy tale, or a cool name for a new alcoholic beverage! I LIKE it! Or we could go with Nigajuna. Sounds like a new solar system. Hmmmmm….. More thought required for this conundrum. Perhaps while I’m sittin’, chillin’, and annoyin’ I can come up with something BRILLIANT! I’m open to suggestions!

I will keep you informed on the trek to southern Georgia. (Think laughin' 'til you hurt, fabulous food, jammy-days, dock-sittin', and sister-bonding.) Sadly, I won’t be making any cards while I am on vacation. I will be Copic coloring in some images I stamped. I have not quite figured out how to be portable with card making materials. The sisters will be making quilts, I will be coloring, blogging, making sure there are plenty of fans going (I’m from the tundra – I don’t like HOT), generally trying to be a pain in their sides, and trying to keep up on work (via DIAL UP – OMG… I forgot about THAT little inconvenience…talk about ROUGHIN’ it!)

I’ll explain the whole annual adventure later this week…stay tuned!

The card is for Jennifer – she requested a baby girl card. Amy suggested the card have pigs…I passed on the suggestion.

Baby Jen

~Base card – PTI (Paper Trey Ink) Soft Blush edges smudged
~Layer of DCWV Nana’s Kids
~Baby bundle 3-D sticker – Special Moments from the $Tree attached to bright pink cardstock with edges smudged; Light pink ribbon from the $Tree, small light green safety pin and sheer hot pink ribbon
~Oh Baby 3-D sticker attached to a flower punch of green – DCWV Glitter Cardstock Stack

You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.

All good wishes,

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