Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who knew my basement would become so popular?

Is that the dryer I hear? Why yes it is. The RA on ‘my’ floor on campus asked if she could come over to the house tonight. She needed a quiet place to study. I told her sure she could! And she might as well bring a load of laundry with her. She put in her laundry sat and contentedly read for two hours. It is very quiet at our house compared to a floor with 57 young, energetic, music loving, giggling, talkative girls (young women).
She dashed out the door with fresh laundry in hand just in time to get back to campus before the histology lab closed. She is a pre-med major. I wouldn’t want her schedule or course load! While she was silently pouring over who knows what science book I got to sit in my bubble and make a card.

Quiet Moments

~Base card Paper Trey Ink
~Making Memories Cosmopolitan Collection (edges smudged with Tim Holtz Vintage Distress Ink) Okay - honesty time - this is a pack of paper that I can't even believe I bought. I must have been in some kind of a Hobby Lobby trance. Maybe it was the religious music they play... What was I thinking???? Was I thinking??? I was probably having a Hershey with Almonds sugar - low. I don't even have card making friends (or enemies) that I could say, "here - would you like to have this"? I can't even use this in the dreaded ToC (Transfer of Crap). Well, that being said, I am labeling this under the "You bought it - now USE it category. (Did you know I label these cards in this blog? I did that because I was CERTAIN that SOMEONE would want to check for entire lists of card categories!) Sure they will Nancy...and Mount Rushmore is in Sioux City. (I'll explain later.)~Both sets of rectangles are from the same Making Memories collection – using fronts and backs of the design paper
~Three pink brads on left side of horizontal rectangles
~Vertical top layer rectangle stamped using Stampin’ Up! Canvas background, edges roughed up and smudged
~Three progressively smaller Nestibilities scallop circles and one circle punch stamped with SU! Delight in Life colored in with Copics and brad for flower center
You can get up closed with the card by clicking on the image.That's all for Bubble Talk tonight...
All good wishes,

P.S. I was at a one-day conference this week in Des Moines (which IS in Iowa). (Okay that is a lie – I was actually in Ankeny, Iowa – but NOBODY knows where THAT is.) The conference attendees were all from private colleges/universities in Iowa. One of the ACADEMIC DEANS (yes I meant to use caps to infer SHOUTING) said to me, “Oh, Sioux City! That’s were those four famous guys are carved in stone!”
REALLY??? Are you KIDDING ME??? The DEAN of an IOWA University????
Living my entire life in Sioux City (SUX for any of you flying into our one runway -no jetway airport), I know for a certainty that Mount Rushmore is NOT located here. I guess I thought that the 4 stony faced dudes were famous enough that MOST intellectual people would know, at a minimum, that they reside somewhere in the state of South Dakota. (Not sure how far reaching the jingle advertisement airs but it IS catchy - 'great places, great faces – South Dakota!’ Evidently it isn’t aired in his ‘neck of the woods’. Maybe they don’t have TV or radio in Fairfield, Iowa.)
After I, politely, enlightened him with accurate information regarding the location and statehood of George, Teddy, Abe, and Tom I was tempted to say, “no, we don’t have those peeps but we got us a body part or two of some fool who traveled with Lewis and Clark (the Floyd Monument) and we got us ‘big God’ as my granddaughter refers to the 3 ton, 33 feet tall sculpture of Jesus, by sculptor Dale Lamphere.” You family members who read this – don’t worry – I didn’t really say that to him. (I can feel their collective sigh of relief through my cable modem….)
He then asked if Rapid City was close to Sioux City…. God I hope he doesn’t teach geography and I hope he does have a GPS in his car. I won’t share with you all the snarky virtual comments I was feverishly holding back…

P.P.S. I stand corrected. Ankeny does have a claim to fame: "KaBOOM! named Ankeny a 2009 Playful City USA community for a third consecutive year." I found this major bit of trivia on the City of Ankeny website. SWEET Martha!I love the internet!

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