Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thankful for Wide Streets

Okay, so I really didn’t make this card today. It was one of the Mary Lee Thankful Series. No new card today but I did work on card parts! AND I drove to Onawa today for a quilt drop…

This is how this insanity works…Gail makes the quilt top, Gail sends the quilt top and quilt backing with me to Sioux City (when she has a quilt top finished), hubby John (AKA Poppy) drives quilt top to Dakota Dunes to Bonnie the ‘machine quilting lady’, Bonnie calls hubby John on his cell phone, he drives to Bonnie’s house for the quilt top/batting/backing – now sandwiched into a quilt. John picks up quilt and I take quilt (still in need of binding) to Gail – the next time I make a trip to Omaha. However…this time quilts were ready the day after I left for Omaha. So… I emailed Gail this morning inquiring if she wanted the quilts today. Oddly enough she did. So… we met in Onawa, IA for a quilt drop. We had late lunch/early dinner at a Chinese restaurant (yes…CHINESE restaurant in Onawa, IA).

In case you like to collect worthless trivia Onawa’s claim to fame is having the ‘widest main street in the United States’. Whooooopeeeee! I say their claim should be ‘the best crab rangoon’ in the Midwest’, but what do I know…

On to the card:
~Base card vanilla
~Image of tree is ‘Tree for All Seasons’ from Stampin’ Up; Thank you is from Hero Arts.
~A few sprinkles of Stickles for leaves
~Fall colored ribbon and design paper for a background
Pretty simple – huh?

You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.All good wishes,

P.S. Transfer of Quilts also includes Mary Lee & Nila quilts.

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  1. So the next Onawa trip should involve an anthropological study of just how the best crab rangoon in the the Midwest came to be (and stay) in Onawa OR how the decision ever got made to have the widest main street in the USA OR how the town fathers and mothers keep the speed limit to 35 on Main Street when it is really more like a six-lane interstate. The ponderables of this world. . . . . ML


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