Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tomato Flakes

Sweet Julie, at Rainbow Days, who is the happy new owner of a Cricut, makes really lovely cards, and leaves dear comments on my blog, asked for an update on my 'stealthy-ninja' 94 year old mother's upside-down hanging tomato plants. Well, I'm sorry to report that both hanging vegetative bags died untimely deaths.

Even with the ridiculous nurturing (albeit begrudging) care they received (by me) they met their demise at the whim of the blustery winds of the Midwest. Lovely green vines grappling and yearning for something to attach themselves to...yellow blossoms hinting at the promise of late summer's quintessential red, flavorful, juicy fruit...shirred off in the prime of their lives by the winds that would put El Nino and Santa Ana all to shame. And I blame the Mad-Wacky-As-Seen-on-TV-Marketing-Gurus who appeal to the oddity - 'do these really work' - smoke and mirror - I gotta' get me some of those - gene in many of us.

These stupid poly-something-or-other vessels which are supposed to encourage the upward growth of the tomato plants - instead - encouraged these poor unwitting plants to grow straight down...down...down..towards the earth (where they BELONGED anyway!)

Seriously!!! Are these inverted bags-o-produce from some freakish vegetarian topsy-turvy mind-bender from Alice in Wonderland? AND why did the ninja mother feel the need to purchase two of them let alone one of them? Actually I know why she felt compelled to buy them - a smack down challenge from my brother-in-law who lives down south in Georgia!  He just HAD to brag about HIS (dorky) tomato bags...well that's all it took for my mother to 'need' her own agricultural sacks!

I AM happy to report however that the multiple tomato plants that I planted for her in the ground...as the good Lord intended...produced a bountiful harvest.

I actually got home from work at a decent time tonight so I 'bagged' some Bubble time. Here is the sketch from 2 Sketches 4 You followed by my interpretation of the sketch.

~Base card - PaperTrey Ink - white
~Layer of snowflake paper - some of the centers dotted with Stickles Diamonds
~Layer of red cardstock, blue cardstock topped with white/silver ribbon
~Strands of silver metal embroidery thread (transfer of crap from sister Gail) and a snowflake charm
~Image is by Little Musings - printed on Cryogen White colored with Copics - snowflakes on her coat topped with Stickles Diamonds - image trimmed around, smudged with Polar Blue ink and attached to white glitter cardstock
2S4Y - sketch
A Spoon Full of Sugar - snow/snowflakes
Paper Sundaes - Let it snow
Really Reasonable Ribbon - winter blue white silver theme

So Julie...are you sorry you asked about the 'maters? Can't wait to see what else you come up with a using your new Cricut!
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  1. Darling!
    Thanks for playing at 2S4Y!

  2. Bless you Nancy,feel a bit honoured having a post especially made with me in mind! Now I'll be able to sleep at night knowing the fate of those tommy plants! Glad to hear that your Mum's still Ninja fit! I'm so loving that you take part in the challenge I'm on the DT of,it's like having my friend take part! As for the Cricut,I must admit that I was worried that I wouldn't be able to work it out but the Expression like I have has a little screen that converts the buttons that you press into a picture of what to expect. The hardest part is wondering what to do with all the trial cuts that maybe aren't the size you were expecting but even this is getting easier. I'm so enjoying experimenting. I've only the one cartridge but even this gives loads of very usable for card making, cut shapes. Hope you are well,Love Julie.x

  3. this is pretty...cute little image and fab DP.Thanks for joining us at Paper sundaes this week.


  4. Great winter card! Thanks so much for joining our Really Reasonable Ribbon challenge.
    PS - I love your topsy-turvy story. I just threw out my topsy turvy planter - never again! :o)

  5. really cute! The snowflake charm is a nice touch too!
    Thanks for joining us at Paper Sundaes this week!

  6. Super cute card, Nancy! Sorry about your mom's tomatoes!


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