Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cheese I'm Tired!

Spent most of the day in the kitchen - which for me  - as some of you know - is a peculiar site. And yes, I was actually COOKING. I decided that the reason Food Network cooks make it look so easy is because they have peeps doing all the grunt work for them. Chopping, measuring, more chopping, mixing, MORE chopping, and then there is my personal favorite grating!!!!!

I'm trying a Bobby Flay mac and cheese recipe. I have no idea why! My idea of cooking is being sure to poke holes in the microwave dinner wrap! The list of ingredients is WAY past my acceptable number (3.4 is about average for me....) The cheese list ALONE was beyond my acceptable quantity of ingredients! I had to substitute one of the FIVE cheeses as I live in podunkville and I was lucky to find even one of the required dairy products. The red flag should have been when I had to use the dictionary to look up what the heck one of the ingredients was! I assumed I would have to substitute items but in order to substitute I needed to know what food group pancetta belonged to! Until I looked it up I didn't know if I should wander the meat department, the dairy department, the ice cream freezer, the wine department, or the photoshop!

Daughter Amy and sister Gail will be here tomorrow afternoon...they are my culinary victims... I can't include husband on the victim list as he will eat ANYTHING. Also shouldn't include Amy as she is a pretty picky eater. That just leaves Gail and me to be the true judges of this 16 ingredient masterpiece. I also made chicken noodle soup. Another new-to-me recipe. This one is from friend Nila. It includes ZERO grating!

~Base card Gina K Designs Pure Luxury White
~Layer of DCWV The Glitter Stack
~Banner - Hero Arts stamp - Hello Flags, colored with Copics, highlighted with Stickles Diamond
~Two purple metal brads
~Sentiment - Studio G - Hello (from a Michael's dollar bin), colored with Copics and outlined with glitter
~Blue flower faux rhinestone (is faux rhinestone redundant? hmmm.... it sounds better than "a faceted piece of plastic formed to appear as a rhinestone and sold in a package of 50 from the Dollar Tree")
Little Red Wagon - use banner

Now for some MUCH deserved Bubble time! I feel the need to start a new card.
All good wishes,

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