Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Football Fabric

I feel like Dori in the Little Mermaid - 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming'. I know things will eventually settle down into the usual campus rhythm but MARTHA! I long for the days of getting home before 8 pm!

The parade of freshman dinners at the president's house has begun. For those of you new to my blog - the president of the university (at which I work) hosts a series of dinners at her home for ALL freshman - 25 or so of them at a time. I am one of the LUCKY van drivers. (Her home is across town.) Dinner at the president's house...six times in a week and a half...REALLY cuts into my Bubble time! (I should just be grateful I don't have to drive for everyone of the dinners.)

My Monday passengers were all male, all football players, all HUNGRY. The students in the school van I drove hailed from California, Texas, Arizona, and Nebraska. They were very chatty. Talking mostly about girlfriends they left back home and what food chains they missed the most. I got the feeling they were more disturbed about the lack of their favorite fast food than their female companions. They had a lively discussion about brands of football helmets - THAT was like listening to Farsi - I had NO idea what they were talking about. Me? I thought a helmet was a helmet was a helmet...

One of the guys was taking an informal survey of his fellow-freshman. "What would you rather have in Toller - air conditioning or an elevator?" (Toller has neither and is 'home' to freshman.) The unanimous vote as AIR CONDITIONING.

And just in case you are wondering...it takes a LARGE quantity of food to feed 23 college football players in training with 3-a-days (3-a-days means they practice three times during the day - morning session, afternoon session, and early evening session). This crew was 'permitted' to be late to practice in order to attend the dinner and they were doing everything in their power to prolong the evening at the president's house...they LOVED the idea of being VERY late to evening practice. The heat index was 98 Monday so I can't say that I really blame them.

Tonight I had to attend a dinner for a campus guest speaker but did manage some Bubble time. The sentiment on this card is my new mantra.

Fiber Squared
~Base card - white linen
~Layer of aqua cardstock
~Squares of fabric from my 'other stash'
~Sentiment (I saw it on a magnet) printed on white cardstock and layered on green and aqua cardstocks - faux stitching around the edges
~Buttons from the Big Blue Bowl (my button stash)
Play Date Cafe - color challenge

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  1. Enjoyed your story about the Freshman Football players! Wonderful use of fabric! Thanks for playing at the PDCC.

  2. What a fun card--love all those fabric squares:) Fun story about the FB players:) Great card all around:) Thanks for joining in the fun and playing along with us at the PDCC:)

  3. How cute! Love the pieces of fabric and the coordinating fabric. I know a few quilters who would love to receive this gem. Thanks for playing at the PDCC. (Great story about the FB players. So glad I don't have to cook for them!)

  4. I love your posts,they always make me chuckle!!! What a great motto to live by.Enjoy the ride,Julie.xx

  5. Love the wonderful fabric squares and your new mantra! Thanks for playing along with the Play Date Cafe!

  6. What a fun card! So different and lovely.
    I really laughed about the football players, etc.. So funny. I'm like you, I thought a football helmet was just a football helmet!!


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