Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bruschetta - It's for the Birds

Last night was spent at my 94 year old mother's (and the my childhood) home. It is never without an internal chuckle and several (discreet) eye rolling episodes on my part. For the life of me I can NOT figure out why the woman has to follow me everywhere. I vacuum her bedroom - turn around - there the little sprite is! I vacuum the dining room - she is three feet away watching my every sweep of the Riccar (which by the way I wouldn't own if you GAVE me). She is essentially blind so it's not as if she can say, "you missed a spot".

I go outside to fill the bird feeders - turn and there is the little stealthy ninja! She is so quiet and SNEAKY! Do I REALLY need constant supervision. It's seed, it's several feeders... how difficult can it be? I know the 'general accepted' method for feeder duty: take down the feeders, walk to the porch, take the brick off of the METAL garbage can (darn those squirrels - can't have them chewing through another plastic garbage can and they haven't figured out how to muscle the brick off the top of the can), put the feeder over the can of seed, use the skinny funnel (a mandatory function according to the ninja), fill the feeders, (oh...forgot to mention one of the feeders has DUCT tape on the top so you have to untape the lid, fill it, re-stick the tape) then hang them back up, replace the metal can lid and MOST importantly put the brick firmly on the top of the can. See? I know the drill...I could do this by myself.

Why you might ask don't I just buy the woman a new bird feeder so we don't have to have duct tape at the ready? I told her I was going to buy her a new feeder. Her response? "Don't be ridiculous, I'm 94 years old, I'm not going to be around much longer." I've been hearing "I won't be around much longer" from her for the past 15 years. This from a woman who just bought herself 5 (yes FIVE) new pairs of shoes, a new queen size bed, and a new 42" plasma high definition TV. (Did I mention the discreet eye rolling and internal chuckling?)

THEN there is my younger sister - also at the house last night. I'm not going to air my family dirty laundry just suffice it to say I'm tired of her treating me like one of her elementary school students! Passing me the bruschetta, during dinner, and saying to me in her MOST teacher-like voice, "it's toast". REALLY? I thought someone left the bread out of the wrapper for three days! Geeeeeezzzzz between her and my maternal unit I wonder how I am able to function at all! FAMILY!!! Sorry - just had to vent.

I REALLY needed my Bubble time tonight. Since FAMILY is what drove me to the Bubble I thought I'd make a card for a family member. This is for daughter Amy's requested continuation of the cupcake series. Not sure if she actually gives the cupcake cards to anyone. Don't really care - just glad to make them for her and glad she likes them. Here is what I came up with.

Sprinkled with Love~Base card white linen
~Three layers of design paper (oldie but goodie set from Oriental Trading) edges smudged with Stampablities Cotton Candy~Circle punch of purple cardstock
~Scallop circle punch of green cardstock
~Image stamped using Hero Arts Cupcakes, colored using Copics, glitter dot dimensional, dots of glitter on 'frosting', cupcake highlights using white Sharpie Poster Paint
~Hot pink satin ribbon
Challenge:7 Kids College Fund - pinks and dots (posting this too late for the challenge - had BIRDS to feed you know...)
Lord Have Mercy - sketch
I have to admit that the card below and the card above were both accidents. I made the card below thinking I would use the cupcake image (above) where the silk flowers are attached. The brightness of the design paper overtook the cute little cupcake intended for this card - thus the 'birth' of two cards. I couldn't let the cupcake go without a home so put together the card above. It's best to just 'go with the flow' while spending time in The Bubble!

Raspberries - Hold the Cupcake~Base card PaperTrey Ink Raspberry Fizz
~Layer of white cardstock dotted with black gel pen ink
~Three layers of PaperTrey Ink Raspberry Fizz Mix on white and black cardstocks
~Top layer of design paper punched using Martha Stewart edge punch
~Wrap of hot pink Wrights Beader's Choice (a gift from Sister Gail - who knows I know what bruschetta is)
2S4Y - layout

Another busy day tomorrow on campus - that's it for me tonight.
Sweet dreams and thanks for clicking by.


  1. Oh, what funny story! You have such a wonderful sense of humor. I so enjoyed popping in here today and reading your blog. Your cards are adorable, even if they were 'accidents'. Sometime's accidents make the best cards because they force us to do something outside the box.

  2. Nancy, The reason your mom follow you around even though she can not see you is she just wants to be where you are. My mother is not with me any more and I would give anything to have her back. When she had her accident and was no longer able to reason very well, she would freak if my dad left the house. She was so afraid he would not come back. I know the time is stressful, take a breath and do something fun, one day you will look back on the whole thing with a new perspective. Venting is good however, it keeps us healthy! Both your cards are lovely!

  3. Very sweet! Happy accidents! So glad you joined us this week at 2S4Y!

  4. Such beautiful cards!! It's fun when "accidents" turn into something this fabulous!

  5. I LOVE both cards but most of all I love the story about your wonderful
    'little Ninja' Mom. Thanks for the wonderful read
    Thanks for joining us at 2S4Y this week


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