Sunday, January 15, 2017

Blue or Green Bunnies

Ice storm seems to be on the way. Or so the weather-people have predicted. I love snow. I think it should snow all winter long. Ice? I can live without that! Nothing worse than an ice storm! Trees split and fall, cars crash, people slide...

Okay - maybe a tornado is worse. And a tsunami. I'm sure a tsunami is worse. And an earthquake - that can't be good. Alright... I guess I won't whine about the impending ice storm. I will just hunker down. Work from home. Have all devices supercharged and keep the quilts handy in case the electricity goes out (oh the perils of an all-electric-home). And hope that the weather people are wrong.

Hunkering down would be more awesome if I could spend the day in my Bubble - but I brought lots of work and the laptop home with me so I can work from home tomorrow. (Insert cranky face.)

Yes I do love winter. I love the Midwest change of seasons. I love snow. I just got back from a recruiting event in Brookings, SD. They have LOTS of snow right now! Did you know that SDSU (South Dakota State University) has and internationally recognized Agriculture and Ag Biology College? of MY favorite researching that those delightful students spend their time doing is ICE CREAM R&D! Ice Cream AND Cheese! Well...I can't visit that campus without a trip to the Dairy Bar for an ice cream cone - no matter what the temperature and weather conditions.

I am normally a VERY loyal Wells' Blue Bunny Ice Cream fan (made in the Ice Cream Capital of the World - LeMars, IA). But put me in the SDSU campus Dairy Bar...and I can't even remember that silly bunny's color... Green? Pink? Purple? I'm not even sure it's a bunny....Call me fickle but in reality I am just test tasting future Wells' Blue Bunny flavors as MOST of the R&D staff are SDSU graduates!

You must be from the Midwest if it is NEVER too cold (the temp at the time of this
purchase was 8 degrees Fahrenheit). So your mittens get a little sticky. They wash! This was so creamy and delicious I feel like driving back up north right now for a second scoop!

Enough about the cold and food! I did get a card made. I wanted to join in the Just Us Girls challenge. It really was a challenge. I love the look of OTHER crafters all over work I just don't have what it takes to make it work. I'm not sure I pulled it off here but I gave it a go! Nothing better than a challenge that actually challenges! Right?

Stampin' Joe
~Vanilla cardstock (PaperTray Ink)
~Variety of stamps using Versafine Onyx Black
~Spellbinder die Hipster 1
Challenges | Inspirations
Just Us Girls - Trend Week

Here's to ice cream treats, not icy streets, washed mittens, looking forward to my next trip to SDSU (even if that goofy state refuses to use salt on snow/ice covered roads), and challenging challenges.

Nancy in Iowa


  1. The thing about all over stamping is that it can be anything, Nancy. You did a great job with yours, sort of a mixed media, art journal look. I'm glad you shared it with us at Just Us Girls.

  2. Beautiful card my lovely friend, like the little splash of colour! That ice cream looks delicious, save me a lick😉 Sensitive toothpaste here I come! X


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