Saturday, September 17, 2011

Transfer Threads

For those of you who don't know about my reference to 'transfer of crap' here is a little history lesson. Transfer of Crap (ToC) is a term daughter Amy came up with when referring to the flurry of transporting (giving) stuff you no longer want to someone you are sure IS going to want it... The most prolific of 'transfer of crap' is my sister Gail. She has also instructed friend Nila on the art of transfer of crap. I am the most targeted location for transfer of crap and have been known to participate in the Ultimate Transfer of Crap. I have on more than one occasion paid the US Postal system to transfer crap for me! Daughter Amy is the least accepting of transfer of crap. Sister Judy is geographically hindered by most transfer of crap - she will have to tell you if that is a good thing or an unfortunate thing. She is probably the only one of us who has ever received transfer of crap via the postal service. The genetic source of this affliction is our mother and NONE of us hold a candle to her ability to transfer crap.

There are rules to transfer of crap!
  • The giver cannot be offended if the prospective receiver says, "I don't want that crap!"
  • Once crap is accepted by the receiver the crap may NOT be returned to the original giver (unless it is in some re-purposed form such as used on a card).
  • After giving the crap the giver may NOT inquire about the location or destination of the crap - AKA "it is acceptable to take the crap to the nearest landfill or charitable organization" without telling the giver.
I've even PURCHASED crap so I could transfer it at a later date! I could go on and on about the art of transfer of crap - but I have to get to the reason for bringing up ToC - this card. I even tag/label my posts with ToC!


Friendship Threads
~Base card -  Stampin' Up cardstock
~Layer of Basic Grey Cashmere
~Sentiment is a quote that one of the Feline Playful gals (Linda) has as part of her signature block - I knew the first time I read it that I would have to use it on a card sometime. (Printed using laser printer on white cardstock, smudged with ink, and mounted on three layers of purple.)
~The "spools" are embroidery floss holders that I cut to size - making them narrower than they were originally - re-purposed Transfer of Crap from friend Nila
~The floss is Transfer of Crap from sista' Gail
Play Date Cafe - color inspiration photos (lavenders/purples with a splash of yellow)
Pixie Dust Studio - recycle
Shelly's Images - anything goes
The Cheerful Stamp Pad - recycle
Kaboodle Doodle - chipboard (spools)

Thank you for clicking by!
Nancy in Iowa


  1. LOL!!! This will keep me smiling all weekend. I really do love the card Nancy, but the story is just priceless. I, also, am a receiver of crap - usually from my sister in law! So I know exactly what you're saying!!!
    But back to the card! It's really pretty and love what you did with the emb. holders.

  2. What a great card- I love your story- I have parents that are both Masters of the Transfer of Crap philosophy.......I will have to work hard to see if I can create a card with some of the crap I have gotten.....LOL

  3. Loving it Nancy,fab card and I just love hearing your "yarns" lol! Another toc ditto maybe?xxx

  4. I am also a target for TofC, being too polite to refuse. I've even had one 'friend' show me some TofC she'd been given, complain about the giver - saying why on earth would she think I'd want this ...and then say 'do you want it' Double slap on the face lol. Love your card, and that you used my signature...must use it in a card myself lol. Hugs lin

  5. I like the story too. lol I have been a beneficiary of a few but had good experience so far. =)

    Wonderful card and what pretty pattern paper.

    Thanks for joining us at Kaboodle Doodles!

    Blog: “Let’s Get Scrappy!”

  6. This post is hilarious! I am always trying to transfer crap... but I also seem to receive quite a bit of crap from my mother. That you label your posts ToC makes me smile... ohh, and the card is CUTE! I love the thread spools. Thanks for joining us in the Cafe this week!!

  7. I would love to join your ToC Club. However, my husband would only want it to go one way...away. I love the card and I think this was a great idea. Thanks for joining "Let's Reuse" at the Cheerful Stamp Pad.

  8. i think that mixed media artists are the ultimate players of the ToC game! love your card. thanks for joining the "let's reuse" challenge at the cheerful stamp pad! xo

  9. Interesting Idea!!! Live colours combination!! Lovely!!

  10. Too funny! Your card is so pretty! Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at The Play Date Cafe!

  11. What a funny story, thanks for sharing! Love your card too! Thanks so much for playing along with us at The Play Date Cafe!

  12. lol! ToC. Cute. :) Thanks for playing along with us at Pixie Dust Studio!

  13. Great Mum too, has ToC down to a fine art. :-)


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