Monday, February 22, 2010

Elephant Friends

With break underway it is extremely quiet in the campus halls. I not only snapped up rock star parking - I slept in this morning - until 8 am - just knowing I would be able to park - made my 'inner slug' shut off the 5:30 am alarm. Don't get me wrong I have PLENTY of work to get's just that while the children are's late arrivals, jeans, and t-shirts for me!

I did promise to go with Treyna (math major) to lunch tomorrow. She wants Mac & Cheese from Panera. Her pal-ies are gone over break - Nancy (nursing major) and Sherin (biology major) are on a mission trip to Mississippi. Because her core posse is gone for the week Treyna is hanging out in my office - but only for about an hour before she leaves to go to work at Wal-Mart.

The quiet is defining in the halls. No early morning slipper shuffling coffee slurping jammy clad zombies headed for class in the next building. No wide awake giggling, name calling, yelling, texting, piggy back riding, class room survivors coming back into the dorm to grab a quick nap. Cold and snow? What cold and snow? Use the tunnels? No way - there is no cellphone reception in the tunnels!

My usual day begins fairly quiet. A few mumbled good mornings as they pass in front of my office a firm resolve on their faces with thoughts of a mid morning or mid afternoon nap.

This is a typical day in my office... Last Thursday started out with a crowd of 5 students in my office this morning. Two freshman sharing their bucket loads of freshman angst. Two students dropping off their luggage as I would be driving them to Omaha Thursday at noon. People chattering about upcoming their trip to Hawaii, chattering about who said what to whom, why life isn't fair, how many finals they still have to take, and what they were planning to do on break. I frequently wonder if any of them are listening to each other. I mostly tune them out and keep on working. AND I forgot mention - ALL of them texting while carrying on these 'conversations'.

Sissy Gail got to experience a couple of 'my peeps'. She can tell you - it's exhausting, hysterical, and uplifting to be around them. Sista Judy got to briefly meet Andi (elementary education major).

On to the cards...

This one is for a sketch challenge at The Pink Elephant. I didn't exactly copy the proportions - yes I'm admitting to NOT following the directions - AGAIN.

~Base card - Paper Trey Ink white cardstock
~Layer of DCWV The Glitter Stack
~Layer of navy blue cardstock with another layer of Glitter Stack
~Horizontal layer of light blue cardstock topped with ribbon from Archiver's
~Layer of navy blue cardstock, then purple cardstock, then image
~Image is freebie digital from Digital Two for Tuesday, colored in with colored pencils and Copics

You can get up close with the card by clicking on the image.
All good wishes,


  1. This is a fabulous card Nancy, so bright and cheery! Thanks for joining us this week at TPE!

  2. Super sweet!! Thanks so much for playing along on TPE!!


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